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Costume Breakdown: The Jarls Chamber

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Costume Breakdown:

The Jarls Chamber

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

This shoot had technically been in progress for several months as I began collecting & creating individual elements long before the concept became cohesive and I decided it was ready to bring to life. It started from both the ideas of wanting to make some decadently regal costume accessories based on the Hiddensee Treasure Mjolnir necklace wanting and wanting to challenge myself to create an elegant ‘chamber’ photo set in my home.

This shoot also coincided with some recent upgrades to my self-shooting setup which have drastically improved and relaxed my shooting process for self-portraiture.
These upgrades include shooting with an Intervalometer shutter remote, 7in HDMI external camera display, and finally making the switch from studio flashes to continuous light sources; namely the NanLite Pavo Tubes & Godox ML60 & SL150WII. I also replaced my basic Sony 50mm 1.8 FE lens with the new Sony 50mm 1.2 GM lens which provided a MAJOR improvement in the eye-autofocus and overall image clarity from my Sony a7riii. 

While none of these tools are necessary for shooting self-portraiture; but dang do they help! It took me several years to make so many investments for my own ease & comfort while shooting, and now that I have I wish I had bitten the bullet so much sooner. Especially as these investments will ultimately translate to a higher rate of content production at a consistently higher quality than before.
However, the bitter flip-side now is I still have some collections shot previously to integrating these tools which I now worry won’t live up to this “Jarls Chamber” and other future shoots. Oopsy.

Element Breakdown

OOAK Viking Bead Chain

Handmade by Lady LeananSidhe

I’m well aware the historical reenactment folks will dislike my design here as it blatantly isn’t traditional Nordic; but as always, my work is ‘Fantasy’ and not intended for historical accuracy. 

I made these bead chains from a combination of metal, stone, and glass beads; most of which I found on AliExpress. 
Hear me out: Yes, AliExpress does tend to be a bit like ‘Wish’ where sellers may be hocking knockoff’s of small designers or luxury brand goods with stolen photos — If you are looking for plain olde bulk crafting materials you are having trouble finding locally, It can be a really solid resource. Just don’t buy some dress you saw for $200 on Instagram for a unbelievable fraction of the price on AliExpress and expect to be pleased with what shows up. 

The site can be a bit overwhelming to navigate, so below are some of the specific beads & sellers I used. 

Norse “Chatelaine” 

By Dragonscale Jewelry

It took me ages to figure out exactly what this piece was actually called. 
I saw several reenactors and premade bead-chains with similar chain spreaders, but it was a fair amount of searching online before I came across the name “Chatelaine’s”. 

Once I had an actual name of what to search for, I was able to fins this lovely set on Etsy which felt proportionate to the Turtle brooches I had already found.  

Norse Turtle Brooches

By Raymond’s Quiet Press 

These brooches also took me some time to locate. 
I had previously ordered very small & cheap ones on AliExpress that just felt disproportionate to how elaborate I wanted to make the bead chains; yet I also did not want the massive ones I commonly see offered on Grimfrost. 

It was on a recommendation from a friend, Dea.Hariasa on Instagram, that I found the seller Raymond’s Quiet Press which offered some more reasonably sized & priced brooches. 

The quality is solid with very strong holding pins. They really worked out perfectly

OOAK Hiddensee Mjolnir Crown

Handmade by Lady LeananSidhe

The crown was constructed with the plan of being integrated into a fairly elaborate up-do. 

First, I took several Hiddensee Mjolnir pendants and glued garnet beads into the openings along the front of the hammers to create the illusion of very ornate jeweled pieces. These were then strung along a wire with some other round Norse inspired beads and Decorative Spacers

Afterwards, I took a wide headband, spray painted it gold, and bent thin metal filigree pieces over the top edge. 

I then glued the wire of Hiddensee beads along the top edge. Below that, I also glued a synthetic braided hair headband to create the illusion that the crown was braided into the hair. 

OOAK Hiddensee Mjolnir Necklace

Handmade by Lady LeananSidhe

For the necklace, I used the same Garnet embellished Hiddensee Mjolnir pendants made for the crown and separated each by a larger garnet bead along with additional decorative chains to hang between each section. 
The goal was to evoke the same feeling of the Hiddensee treasure necklace, Commonly reproduced by reenactors, but still have the final creation be something new & entirely my own. 

OOAK Garnet Bead Earrings 

Handmade by Lady LeananSidheE

For earrings, I wanted something that would still match the elaborate necklace & crown, but would not be so large.  So I made these smaller chain spreader style beads, found during my Chatelaine search, the base of the earrings, and then used decorative head pins to dangle a small garnet bead from each loop.

Heads up! Any time you want to loop headpins or wire to in jewelry making, it really helps to use Looper Pliers to keep everything uniform!  

Medallion Belt 

Thrifted find 

Originally I had planned to make a belt out of the same Norse themed trim  used on the undergarments for this look; however this idea just didn’t look as good in practice. 
This belt was something I already owned, found on Poshmark, and realized it was a good fit for the costume…. about 10 minutes prior to shooting. 

Traditional Wool Viking Dress

by Calvina Costumes 

I originally found Calvina Costumes Viking dresses on Amazon while looking for basic & more affordable options while shooting my first Viking Dress collection “Viking Maiden“. During that shoot I used a green cotton canvas tunic dress & wool apron and for this shoot, I used their wool-blend dress in red
White traditional Viking dresses tend to be very simple in cut, they do also tend to be fairly expensive novelty garments; so it was really nice to find a more affordable option that in reality was still good quality and flattering. 

My only gripe with this dress was the very small neck opening; which in reality is more a feature of most traditional-style Viking dresses than any actual flaw in the garment itself. I personally do not like high necklines that fall at or above the collar bones; however I also realized immediately before shooting that this was an issue beyond my personal style preferences. 
I actually could not fit my elaborate hairdo through the opening without wrecking either the hair or cutting the dress. Ultimately I cut about a 6-in slit down from the neck hem in the back of the dress. This ended up working wonderfully as it also gave the dress a much more comfortable fit around the neck & chest and allowed for the inclusion of some “off shoulder” looks during the photoshoot.  

I may eventually hem the edges of the cut and add laces for customizable closure & fit. 

Velvet & Faux Fur Cloak 

by Von Lancelot

This was another garment I already had on hand prior to organizing this costume. In reality, have had this cloak since my teenage days; originally finding it in a local consignment store. The tag says the brand is Von Lancelot; there does not seem to be a current website. 

The cloak has a lightly floral textured velvet outer shell, silky lining, and a fur trim. 
I knew I wanted to include a cloak in this costume as the brooches could be used to hold it in place as an alternative to using the brooches for an Viking style apron, which I did not want to include in this look. Already having a perfect match on hand was a matter of good luck. 

Red Bikini

by Zaful & customized by Lady LeananSidhe

A huge question in all of my fantasy shoot is always “what the heck to I use for underwear?!?”.

While the “all natural commando” approach is always appreciated, I wanted this shoot to be very elaborate and full of intricate layers. 

To avoid looking too “modern lingerie” I started with this very basic red bikini set which I customized by sewing on some decorative Norse Dragon trim from Celtic Trims & braiding the straps with some t-shirt yarn. 

Red thigh high socks 

by Floral Find

I am a sucker for tall warm socks. One, because I am always freezing and second, because if I wear tall socks in a shoot I don’t have to shave my legs. 

These ones are a nice chunky knit and are definitely great for everyday use as well. 

Costume Breakdown: The Witch

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Costume Breakdown:

The Witch

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

Believe it or not, this was my first “Halloween” specific photo collection release! 

While many of my costumes and shoot themes could be easily be classified as ‘Halloween-esk’ I believe that is more the result of how my personal aesthetic preferences tend to align with darker concepts.

While approaching creating a collection specifically for “Spooky Season”, I wanted to ensure I created something that still felt like “My style” rather than flowing to much into the ever popular range of “Camp” or “Cartoony Horror” also prevalent this time of year. 
To do this, I opted to keep my setup and the garb more within the spectrum of a “practical witchcraft” vibe; hence the simple dress and basic selection of useful magical goodies with small touches of flair.  

Element Breakdown

Huntress Maxi Chemise 

by Holy Clothing

This is actually the same style of base chemise used in my Saruman the Saucy costume. As soon as I saw Holy Clothing was now offering this dress in black, I ordered it immediately. 
The dress is very light, comfortable, and flowy. I loved the white version, but in black I feel like I could also use this dress as normal ‘everyday’ garb as well. 

Eva Belt 

by Holy Clothing

This waist cincher I actually ordered along with the black chemise specifically for this shoot; however I am far less impressed with this piece.  The size small was still a touch to large for a petite hourglass figure and as the cincher lacks any structural boning, it does not hold shape well at all. 

Twin Belt

by Epic Armoury

While I very much enjoy the style of this twin belt from Epic Armoury. If features some very creative detail stitching to secure the various sections of leather and it also has multiple D-rings for hanging your various tools and pouches from. However, it very oddly only comes in a single size of 120cm. So In order to wear it around the small of my waist as such, I had to cut one of the leather backing patches which holds the 2 belts together and punch some additional holes for the clasps.  While this was a very simple fix, I still find it odd to offer a belt in only one size. 

Gotland Crystal Lens Necklace

by Lykos Leather • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to shoot one of these decedent multi lens Gotland necklaces! They make such a powerful & queenly statement that flowed perfectly with this shoot. 
Up close you can see all the veins of the quarts crystals and the hand dropped silver dots framing them always make me think of Full Moons surrounded by silver stars.

While this piece was borrowed for a handful of recent photoshoots, I believe one day I may also deign a smaller one with LykosLeather for myself. 

Silver Norse Inspired Rings

by Lykos Leather • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

These Gotland Crystal & Swedish replica silver rings added a great touch of detail for this witchy theme. I always thought of fantasy witches as having many rings; decadent like Queen Mab or Yennefer of Vengerberg. 

Raven Knife

by Grimfrost • Use this link for a discount at checkout

Grimfrost never ceases to impress me with the quality of their forged goods. I actually got this knife long ago as a gift for my husband yet it has made photoshoot appearances several times over the years due to its unique style. 
So far as fitting into the “Witchy” theme of this shoot; the blade in reality would make an excellent ritual athame with its carved raven hilt, heavy weight, and sharp sturdy edge. 

“Comfort Edit” Undergarments 

by La Senza

When selecting undergarments for this character I felt that this witch would seem more at home in something sleek, sophisticated, and comfortable rather than flashier more classically ‘witchy goth’ frilly bits.   
That being said, I’d dare say the Comfort Edit bra collection from LaSenza are the epitome of their namesake. I also really enjoy that this particular piece is a bit more of a “bralette” look rather than classic cups. 
The LaSenza seamless things are also my favorite for everyday wear. 

Costume Breakdown: Fantasy Barbarian

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Costume Breakdown:

Fantasy Barbarian

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

It could be argued that this armor is ultimately what led to the creation of this site and my finding success as an independent artist. That is a broad claim, so lets elaborate. 

Elements used in this character began to manifest as early as 2015; Some pants I originally altered for metal shows, a chainmail shirt made for a Lagertha costume, Shoulder armor I originally paired with a chain bikini, and so on. These pieces were used in a myriad of different costumes before I ever thought to combine them; and once they were all put together, the original character that had been waiting all along was born. 

It was the earlier photos of this character which began to build the following needed to start this site. Since then, the character has been a reoccurring favorite on Instagram and Tiktok as well as in the exclusive content here such as my Original Armor Removal video, the cinematic After the Battle video, and the Barbarian Fog photo collection. 

This character has been in slow, continuous, development; and her costume has sparked more questions than any other garb I have had the honor to photograph. 
I owe much thanks to, Dale Caldwell of Diggers Leather, the crafter who created the costumes most recognizable pieces of leatherwork. His creations truly made this character come to life.  

Element Breakdown

Base Layer

Basic brown long sleeve top


This was a random brown long-sleeve I found in a thrift shop. I default to using this one mostly because the higher sides and back of the neck help add some padding around the leather neckline of the chainmail top I layer over it. 

Altered Jeans 

by Lady LeananSidhe

Earlier versions of this costume used a pair of black pants with laces up the side from Hot Topic. After years of heavy use in costumes and “Metalhead concert attire” those eventually died and I remade my won version of that design by altering a nicer quality pair of jeans.  
To do this, I cut up the sides of the jeans, sewing in a hem along the edges, and then used a Grommet Press to add a lace opening every 2 inches. I then died them black and added some leather padding/detailing around the knees. 

Combat boots

by Dr. Marten

The Boots I use with this costume are an old pair of Dr. Marten’s Triumph 1914 boots. I got these boots over 10 years ago and I absolutely love them. I really wish more women’s boots would come in this style as I have not found anything similar. 

Costume gloves

by Forum Novelties

These gloves are crap. I will likely replace them when I eventually stumble upon a better option for underneath my bracers. 

Bandage wraps

by Lady LeananSidhe

The wraps I use over the gloves are ace bandages that had been soaked in black dye. 
These were actually made by my husband for use in an apocalypse costume, but they have since found uses in several other costumes. 

Armor Layer

OOAK Leather & Chainmail shirt

by Lady LeananSidhe

I made this chainmail and leather top for a different costume years prior to the culmination of this ensemble.  To make this, I cut a pattern for the leather sections out of cardboard  to ensure the correct sizing and then traced the shapes onto a sheet of Veg Tan Leather. I then added holes & grommets on the sides and shoulders for the adjustable closure and added smaller holes on all other sides for the decorative lacing and to attach the chainmail. The pieces were then Dyeied Brown and finished off with  Atom Wax Leather Balm

For the chainmail sections, I opted to buy a couple premade Chainmaile coifs And cut them up to fill the sections I needed. I then attached these sections to the leather by weaving Flat Leather Cording through the rings and the holes lining the leather pieces.

 These days you can order “sheets” of premade chainmail from sites like Epic Armoury, which would would have been a much easier rout if it had been available at the time. 

Originally, this top was done with shorter chainmail sleeves, however I eventually extended them so the chainmail would peak out below the leather pouldrons I wear over it. 



Leather Pauldrons

by Diggers Leather
Artisan best contacted via Facebook or email

These pauldrons along with the bracers were the first pieces of armor I had purchased from Dale Caldwell of Diggers Leather. I purchased thee impulsively while attending Renaissance Fair; and by impulsively, I mean I had been eyeing a single shoulder one the year previous but kept telling myself buying armor was impractical. Until I put these suckers on and decided, reason be dammed, I’m buying armor!
I used this set for years in “Bikini armor” looks before thinking top pair it with my chainmail’; and from there my Fantasy Barbarian custom character was truly born. 

Leather Bracers

by Diggers Leather
Artisan best contacted via Facebook or email

As mentioned above, these bracers were purchased as a set along with the Pauldrons. This set is sized perfectly to smaller feminine wrists and the slight, seemingly decorative, bend in the edge of the leather prevents any uncomfortable digging into the skin around my hands. 

They make an obvious complement to the shoulder armor, though I have also used them on their own several times with concert attire. 

Leather Tassets

by Diggers Leather
Artisan best contacted via Facebook or email

The tassets and greaves came maybe 4 or 5 years later than my original pieces of armor from Digger. 
The tassets in-particular were actually a custom request. Digger’s standard offering for the lower body was a “war skirt” style of scaled loincloth. While those look pretty sick, I did not think it fit with the character I was developing, so I inquired about making some custom hip armor that would fill out the silhouette of the figure instead. 

In the end, they came out super epic and he also offers them regularly now 🙂  

Leather Greaves

by Diggers Leather
Artisan best contacted via Facebook or email

Why are greaves extra awesome? Because you can wear whatever comfortable shoe you want and these instantly make it look like you have insane ass-kicking boots. That is one heck of a win. 

Occasional Additions & Accessories

Fantasy Mjolir pendant

by Arcana XIII Gothic Jewelry 

I came across this artist on Etsy ages ago and enjoy a good number of their creations. This piece in particular may also be one of the most creative takes on a Mjolnir that I have found thus far.

This pendant I tend to pair with a dragon headed leather collar I found in a thrift shop. 

Bronze Axe Necklace & Earring Set

by Grimfrost

This set from Grimfrost has made it into a couple of my costumes lately. The small bronze axe earrings and matching necklace makes for a simple and highly versatile  jewelry detail. 



by RowanWitch

This axe, and its twin belonging to my husband, were handmade as a wedding gift by a dear friend. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them dearly. 

These axes are usually on display in our home. They are only added to a costume when I am shooting on our land. 

Various Pelts 


I often include various pelts with ay armor shoots, generally either in the form of a cape or as set props. 

If you are looking to purchase pelts, I highly encourage looking for thrifted items or purchasing from a local hunter/trapper with sustainable practices rather than from any large fur manufacturing farm. 

Norse Style Brooches 

by Grimfrost

Norse style Tortoise brooches are a staple piece in many female Viking reenactment looks; often securing the straps of apron dresses and holding elaborate strings of glass beads across the chest.  
Blatantly, they are being used in an alternative way with this costume. Often holding pelts onto the straps of my armor. 

These can come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Many re-sale shops will offer smaller, mass-produced, versions for quite cheap. These generally look fine, however, if you are actually looking for the larger & more historically accurate look; you should look to more reputable shops such as Grimfrost

Costume Breakdown: Éowyn

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Costume Breakdown:


Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

This shoot was a three-way collaboration of partnerships both old and new. 

A newer creator by the name of Sarah, or the brand Fit For The Gods, had initiated collaboration projects with both Tasha Reid, a longtime personal friend of mine, and with Sally of It Is Known Scalemail, a crafter with whom I have collaborated with several times over the years and respect immensely.  Both of these fine woman mentioned the new creative partner to me, mentioning they had expressed interest about working with me as well. Therefore, I reached out and details of our upcoming projects were arranged and eventually bore some wonderful results. 

I arranged to shoot a few garments solely for Fit For The Gods and others to be paired with various scale & chainmail works from ItIsKnown. The later is how this collection, Éowyn, was born.

Other results of our collaborations can be seen in my Emerald Sorceress & Brigid photo collections as well as on the Instagram pages for Fit For The Gods and It Is Known.   

Element Breakdown

Renaissance Chainmail Headdress

by It Is Known

To me, there is something so perfectly fantasy, yet simultaneously timeless, about a delicate chainmail circlet. So simple yet so regal.
ItIsKnown used to only offer these as OOAK pieces for photo collaborations, but I am so glad they now offer them in their shop regularly as well. 

A tip for wearing these; take your time to make a very clean center part in your hair. A small amount of oil or product to smooth the top down also helps to keep everything in place around the chains. 

“Atlantis” Scalemail Collar

by It Is Known

Of all the It Is Known collar & shoulder pieces I have donned for photos, I believe this one has been my favorite. 
The garment is large and imposing. Evoking the feeling of queenly armor with the comfort of a delicately draping shawl and paired with the satisfyingly metallic chimes of scales meeting and parting with every movement. 

Chainmail Maxi Overskirt

by It Is Known

I first modeled one of these overskirts back in 2017 for a shoot styled by the maker along with photographer Andrew J Bacha, and it is safe to say I was instantly in love with the style. It is something I have truly seen nowhere else. 
Sally, creator of It Is Known, gifted me this piece after our many years of working together and I could not be more thankful. 

Anduril Replica Sword

by Swords Kingdom

This was not originally intended to specifically be a LOTR shoot. The inclusion of Anduril was originally purely due to the fact that the sword itself is fairly simplistic in style and can easily pair with most fantasy costume styles. However, its inclusion did end up influencing the naming of this shoot, as I do believe the resulting images did capture the feel of Éowyn’s character without being an intentional or direct cosplay. 

All of that aside, I will admit that this is not the nicest replica of Anduril you can find, although it is a sturdy blade. If you would like the prop on a budget or for costume use, the link above is for you; If you are a serious collector of fine LOTR wares, I would recommend looking elsewhere for a replica. 

Le Fay chemise

by Fit For The Gods

This chemise by Fit For The Gods was such an unexpected delight. The billowing gown is exquisitely handmade and features the most unique shoulder and sleeve customization I have seen on this style of garment. 

The neckline and three sections down the arm feature adjustable ribbons which can be used to tighten or loosen the fit of the dress; resulting in either the look of a traditional chemise or a romantic open-shouldered alternative style. The ties down the arm also allow for the option of decoratively puffed sleeves or they can be undone to create the effect of drapey goddessy sleeves which expose the arms.  

I would absolutely love to see this garment eventually offered in a super sheer linenny fabric. 

Costume Breakdown: Saruman The Saucy

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Costume Breakdown:

Saruman The Saucy

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

Saruman the Saucy was originally concocted as an April Fools joke.

I’m not sure what sparked the idea beyond abandoning reason for madness.
(sorry, not sorry. I had to). 
I have seen plenty of naughty Nazgul’s, and even the occasional sexy Gandalf, but let be honest; If there was a real secret freak in LOTR, it was definitely Saruman. Thus, Saruman the Saucy was born; quoting the fallen wizard while strutting like Frankfurter. 
And weirdly, I felt more confidant “acting sexy” for shooting this joke than I had in any previous shoot. Its amazing the effect a “Mask” (well, a beard in this case) can have. 

As the shoot was primarily a joke, and I had no concept of whether it would be  actually funny or horrendously terrible, I wanted to limit avoid spending much on this shoot and use primarily pieces I already owned. In this regard, the resulting concept evokes the feeling of the original characters regal layered white robes without being particularly accurate or costly. In the end the only pieces purchased specifically for this shoot were the beard, the staff, and a cardigan; all other pieces were repurposed. 

While Saruman the Saucy was originally intended to be a one time thing, the response was so overwhelmingly positive that this may be a reoccurring cosplay for e going forward. 


Element Breakdown

Ash Gray Wig

by K’ryssma

This wig was originally purchased for a shoot I did for another model. I have this as well as a black one from the same brand on Amazon and they are quite good. Both were extremely tick and needed a bit of thinning out prior to use just for the sake of realism.  
The wigs are lace-front and the hair is synthetic, but soft, and can be styled with steam or low heat.

Prosthetic Beard 

by Halloween Party Online

I admit it, I got a bit picky about the beard.
I wanted something a little more ‘uncanny valley’ realistic than the super generic beard wigs that loop over the ears and have a straight edge for a hairline. What I didn’t expect while looking was that apparently there is a whole dang market for high-end beard prosthetics that can cost hundreds!   
Anyways, after more searching around than I care to admit, I settled on this (thankfully quite affordable) ace beard wig from Halloween Party Online.  The original beard was designed as a chin-strap, but I removed a few stitches in the chin and cut a mouth hole so the beard could be worn higher on the face and have a built in mustache. I was also able to use extra cutout hair lace to make the fluffy eyebrows.
The beard did come with some double sided adhesive strips to hold it on, however It can also be attached with SpiritGum or any other cosmetic adhesive.  

Huntress Maxi Chemise 

by Holy Clothing

This Chemise is a favorite base garment that can be spied in several of my shoots. Its extremely thin, light, and flowy with sleeves that can be left long such as in this shoot or scrunched & secured further up the arm with some functional pull strings. 

Altered Maxi Cardigan 

by Lady LeananSidhe • Cardigan on Amazon

I wanted to evoke a similar feel to Saruman’s layered white robes without spending much for this particular shoot. So I opted to get this basic floor-length, white cardigan to layer over the chemise. 
I cut the arms off of the cardigan to allow the long sleeves of the underdress to flow freely and used the removed material to create the waist belt cinching in the dress. 
Honestly the cardigan itself was super cheap and rather nice. I am totally tempted to get another in black just to wear normally. 

Chiffon Cape

by Jeca Bridal

The chapel length sheer hooded cloak here was actually from my wedding attire and was purchased from the same maker as my dress. 
Perhaps a story for another time, but in-short, these garments were from a Chinese maker pretending to be Australian online. Overall the garments were beautifully handmade to my specifications and I would recommend the maker, however they no longer seem to be online.  

Staff of Saruman

by Swords Kingdom

To be blunt, this staff is not a great quality replica and the listing for it is also rather misleading; however, it did photograph well and some slight changes can fix it up rather nicely. 
The staff is 70in of painted steel and comes in two pieces which are threaded together after arrival. The thin metal decorative pieces at the top are a bit flimsy, but fine for display purposes.  
The main “disappointment” with this replica is in the orb; while the listing says “Shiny Crystal Ball”, its really a hollow plastic thing with an obviously glued seam. In these photos, I replaced the orb with a decorative cloudy resin orb we already had. Fortunately that fix worked extremely well.  

Silver Sparkle panty set

by SavageX Fenty

This was my first set of lingerie ordered from Rhianna’s Savage X Fenty and I was pleasantly surprised to find the unlined, glitter laced, garments far more comfortable that I expected. 
I originally got theses to use in my “Winter Queen” photoset, but the look just fit here as well. 

Silver Sparkle panty set

by Long-Perfect

There isn’t much extra to say about these; I just wanted something to match the silvery panty set above. These were nicer than expected stocking’s overall. 

Knee High Heeled Boots

by Wild Diva

I was pretty surprised by the number of people who asked about the boots in this shoot. I’m pretty sure I probably got these on Amazon while I was in college, so they have been around a good long while and I unfortunately cannot find a link for them to share 🙁

I have not tried any other shoes by the Wild Diva brand, So I cant comment on the consistency of quality, but I did use these for regular wear for a few years and they have been some “costume go-toos” since.  

Costume Breakdown: Elf Has Wares

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Costume Breakdown:

Elf Has Wares

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

Elf Has Wares was my first shoot to commemorate beginning an Ambassadorship with the amazing pagan leatherworker EmberCraft Creations.

For this collection, I aimed to evoke the feel of a traveling elven merchant or forest apothecary; selling her wears from from the skins within which she carries them to the next market. So a mixture of my style of elf character with a generous mix of Skyrim’s Kahjiit for added inspiration. 

Aesthetically, my goal was to build the wardrobe and overall color theme around the gorgeous berry-wine tone of the leather used in Embercraft’s‘ Triple Goddess Moon Phase collection and have that work harmony with the warm fall foliage of the season. 

In the end I loved the way the images came out. The only major edits the images needed was some desaturation to the rock wall behind the subject to add a little extra depth and contrast in the overall very warm-feeling images. 

Element Breakdown

Moon Phase Leather Harness

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

This harness no doubt the the biggest statement piece in Embercraft’s‘ Triple Goddess Moon Phase collection. Its highly adjustable, made of a very supple leather, and thus quite comfortable to wear. 
The way this piece sits upon the upper chest with the large burned wood moon phase medallions shining just screams of something other-worldly and powerful.  
I have trule seen nothing else quite like this. 

Moon Phase Leather Arm Band

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

The moon phase arm-band is the perfect mate to the harness. 
Adjustable to any size bicep with some string lacing along the back, The cuff dose not need to dig in to stay in-place as some metal upper arm cuffs do.
Overall the decorative cuff is a fascinating accessory. 

Warrior’s Rune Pouch

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

Embercraft’s‘ Rune Pouch was the the product I was most excited about. 

The folding pouch is made of a super-soft leather and can open flat with a small tug. This little wonder of a utility pouch can fit a fair bit more along side your runes or coin while flaunting a beautiful classic fantasy aesthetic. 

Warrior’s Utility Belt

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

Of course, to carry the rune pouch, one must have a utility belt

This belt is very thick; hardy enough forany accessories or tools you may want to clip to its many metal loops. 

Rowan Overskirt 

by Holy Clothing

This decorative skirt from Holy Clothing was a piece I already owned; how well its plum color matched the Embercraft gear is the stuff a wardrobe designer’s dreams are made of. 
The skirt is super soft and flowy; If you have not tried anything from Holy Clothing yet, I will just say that I have purchased many pieces from them and I always love their fabric. My only qualm with this design is the skirt is intended to be a bit high-waisted, So I would recommended sizing up if you prefer to wear your skirts lower on the hips. 

“Wild Elf” Prosthetic Ears 

by Aradani Studios 

Aradani are hand’s down my favorite elf ear prosthetics makers. My “go tos” are both these larger “Wild Elf” ears and then the much smaller “Space Elf” variety. 
While I always used to prefer the smaller ears, I have found more recently that the larger ears translate better in photos; especially if you intend to have your hair down or in an elaborate style.  

OOAK Elvish Hooded Crop Top

by Lady LeananSidhe

While preparing for this shoot I could not find any preferably hooded crop top that was both a good color-match to the rest of the garb and available for a reasonable price and delivery time. So I brought the skirt with me to a fabric store and bought aa couple of yards in the closest color-match I could find. 
I did not use a pattern while making this, I just played around on a dressform for a while and winged it.  The top basically consists of a halter bikini top with the breast cups and hood made from a continues strip of fabric which is decoratively twisted at the shoulders.  
The hand wraps used in these shoot were just the scrap fabric leftover from making this top tied around my hands. 

OOAK Medieval Circlet 

by Lady LeananSidhe

This is a simple circlet I made a while back and have used in several shoots. It consists of a antique bronze colored chain with waxed twine weaved through it and attached to an ornamental metal ring I broke off an old pair of earrings. 
The circlet is then embellished with a few smaller hanging chains and some dangling jade beads. 

Costume Breakdown: Lady Yule

The Blog

Costume Breakdown:

Lady Yule

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

I did not plan to do a “holiday” shoot. Lady Yule really just kinda happened from a morning spark of inspiration following a fresh snowfall. 

My plan for the day had been just to shoot product shots for a meadery I had been working with and I had purchased a faux poinsettia & holly holiday garland to use as a seasonal prop. The garland had a stiff wire at its base and I realized if pinned into a circle, the garland was instantly transformed into an elaborate headdress. From there, the rest of the look was structured complementing the headdress from garb I had on hand and the shoot was executed that same day. 

Element Breakdown

Celebrian Gown

by Moon Maiden Gothic

I ordered this dress very impulsively when the maker was having a sample sale and I have been endlessly glad I did. The sample was slightly too large but the design was very easy to alter for my waist. 
The fabric is a thick, luxurious, velvet and its ample sleeves and train drape gorgeously, especially in photos. 

I have used this gown in multiple photoshoots (sometimes even photoshopping the color to keep my images varied). I have even worn this gown out to the renaissance fair by paring it with my Lykos Leather belt & skirt hikes to elegantly hold up the gowns train. 

This is one of two dresses I own from Moon Maiden Gothic, and I would highly recommend their wares. 

Holiday Flower Crown

by Lady LeananSidhe • Garland on Amazon

This piece was a bit of a “costume hack”.
The crown is actually a single faux poinsettia & holly holiday garland held into a circle with two safety pins. 

Certainly the most affordable, and frankly one of the most impressive, head pieces I have shot with.  

Sheep’s Wool Stole

by NorneWoven

I had been eyeing wool stoles like this for ages and decided that if I saw one at the Viking market while attending Midgardsblot in Norway, I would make a point to bring one home. 

I found this specimen from the crafter NorneWoven. The stole is very comfortable, warm, and the shape adds a dramatic earthy flair to ones silhouette; regardless of whether its paired over a gown or a leather jacket. 

Leather Ring Belt 

by Lykos Leather Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

This belt is an extra long version of the Lykos Leather “Medieval Viking Dragon Belt”. The belt is oversized (64in total) for a dramatic look down the front of dresses. 

For this belt, I also have matching skirt hikes and a horn holder for a wide range of styling possibilities. 
You can spay theses pieces in many of my shoots.  

Norse Dragon Pendant & Earrings 

by Metamorphosis Jewelry

This unique set of sterling silver jewelry was purchased for my wedding attire and it therefore holds a special place in my heart.

This small company is based out of Toronto, Canada, has a wide variety of unexpected designs ranging from the Norse or Celtic inspired to the abstract and mystical. 

I’m sure some jewelry enthusiasts would cringe at the silver tarnish on the piece in this image, however I personally find silver tarnish can be a lovely patina; and of course, always easy to wipe away with a touch of silver cleaner. 


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