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Costume Breakdown:

Elf Has Wares

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

Elf Has Wares was my first shoot to commemorate beginning an Ambassadorship with the amazing pagan leatherworker EmberCraft Creations.

For this collection, I aimed to evoke the feel of a traveling elven merchant or forest apothecary; selling her wears from from the skins within which she carries them to the next market. So a mixture of my style of elf character with a generous mix of Skyrim’s Kahjiit for added inspiration. 

Aesthetically, my goal was to build the wardrobe and overall color theme around the gorgeous berry-wine tone of the leather used in Embercraft’s‘ Triple Goddess Moon Phase collection and have that work harmony with the warm fall foliage of the season. 

In the end I loved the way the images came out. The only major edits the images needed was some desaturation to the rock wall behind the subject to add a little extra depth and contrast in the overall very warm-feeling images. 

Element Breakdown

Moon Phase Leather Harness

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

This harness no doubt the the biggest statement piece in Embercraft’s‘ Triple Goddess Moon Phase collection. Its highly adjustable, made of a very supple leather, and thus quite comfortable to wear. 
The way this piece sits upon the upper chest with the large burned wood moon phase medallions shining just screams of something other-worldly and powerful.  
I have trule seen nothing else quite like this. 

Moon Phase Leather Arm Band

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

The moon phase arm-band is the perfect mate to the harness. 
Adjustable to any size bicep with some string lacing along the back, The cuff dose not need to dig in to stay in-place as some metal upper arm cuffs do.
Overall the decorative cuff is a fascinating accessory. 

Warrior’s Rune Pouch

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

Embercraft’s‘ Rune Pouch was the the product I was most excited about. 

The folding pouch is made of a super-soft leather and can open flat with a small tug. This little wonder of a utility pouch can fit a fair bit more along side your runes or coin while flaunting a beautiful classic fantasy aesthetic. 

Warrior’s Utility Belt

by EmberCraft Creations • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

Of course, to carry the rune pouch, one must have a utility belt

This belt is very thick; hardy enough forany accessories or tools you may want to clip to its many metal loops. 

Rowan Overskirt 

by Holy Clothing

This decorative skirt from Holy Clothing was a piece I already owned; how well its plum color matched the Embercraft gear is the stuff a wardrobe designer’s dreams are made of. 
The skirt is super soft and flowy; If you have not tried anything from Holy Clothing yet, I will just say that I have purchased many pieces from them and I always love their fabric. My only qualm with this design is the skirt is intended to be a bit high-waisted, So I would recommended sizing up if you prefer to wear your skirts lower on the hips. 

“Wild Elf” Prosthetic Ears 

by Aradani Studios 

Aradani are hand’s down my favorite elf ear prosthetics makers. My “go tos” are both these larger “Wild Elf” ears and then the much smaller “Space Elf” variety. 
While I always used to prefer the smaller ears, I have found more recently that the larger ears translate better in photos; especially if you intend to have your hair down or in an elaborate style.  

OOAK Elvish Hooded Crop Top

by Lady LeananSidhe

While preparing for this shoot I could not find any preferably hooded crop top that was both a good color-match to the rest of the garb and available for a reasonable price and delivery time. So I brought the skirt with me to a fabric store and bought aa couple of yards in the closest color-match I could find. 
I did not use a pattern while making this, I just played around on a dressform for a while and winged it.  The top basically consists of a halter bikini top with the breast cups and hood made from a continues strip of fabric which is decoratively twisted at the shoulders.  
The hand wraps used in these shoot were just the scrap fabric leftover from making this top tied around my hands. 

OOAK Medieval Circlet 

by Lady LeananSidhe

This is a simple circlet I made a while back and have used in several shoots. It consists of a antique bronze colored chain with waxed twine weaved through it and attached to an ornamental metal ring I broke off an old pair of earrings. 
The circlet is then embellished with a few smaller hanging chains and some dangling jade beads. 

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