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Costume Breakdown:

Lady Yule

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

I did not plan to do a “holiday” shoot. Lady Yule really just kinda happened from a morning spark of inspiration following a fresh snowfall. 

My plan for the day had been just to shoot product shots for a meadery I had been working with and I had purchased a faux poinsettia & holly holiday garland to use as a seasonal prop. The garland had a stiff wire at its base and I realized if pinned into a circle, the garland was instantly transformed into an elaborate headdress. From there, the rest of the look was structured complementing the headdress from garb I had on hand and the shoot was executed that same day. 

Element Breakdown

Celebrian Gown

by Moon Maiden Gothic

I ordered this dress very impulsively when the maker was having a sample sale and I have been endlessly glad I did. The sample was slightly too large but the design was very easy to alter for my waist. 
The fabric is a thick, luxurious, velvet and its ample sleeves and train drape gorgeously, especially in photos. 

I have used this gown in multiple photoshoots (sometimes even photoshopping the color to keep my images varied). I have even worn this gown out to the renaissance fair by paring it with my Lykos Leather belt & skirt hikes to elegantly hold up the gowns train. 

This is one of two dresses I own from Moon Maiden Gothic, and I would highly recommend their wares. 

Holiday Flower Crown

by Lady LeananSidhe • Garland on Amazon

This piece was a bit of a “costume hack”.
The crown is actually a single faux poinsettia & holly holiday garland held into a circle with two safety pins. 

Certainly the most affordable, and frankly one of the most impressive, head pieces I have shot with.  

Sheep’s Wool Stole

by NorneWoven

I had been eyeing wool stoles like this for ages and decided that if I saw one at the Viking market while attending Midgardsblot in Norway, I would make a point to bring one home. 

I found this specimen from the crafter NorneWoven. The stole is very comfortable, warm, and the shape adds a dramatic earthy flair to ones silhouette; regardless of whether its paired over a gown or a leather jacket. 

Leather Ring Belt 

by Lykos Leather Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

This belt is an extra long version of the Lykos Leather “Medieval Viking Dragon Belt”. The belt is oversized (64in total) for a dramatic look down the front of dresses. 

For this belt, I also have matching skirt hikes and a horn holder for a wide range of styling possibilities. 
You can spay theses pieces in many of my shoots.  

Norse Dragon Pendant & Earrings 

by Metamorphosis Jewelry

This unique set of sterling silver jewelry was purchased for my wedding attire and it therefore holds a special place in my heart.

This small company is based out of Toronto, Canada, has a wide variety of unexpected designs ranging from the Norse or Celtic inspired to the abstract and mystical. 

I’m sure some jewelry enthusiasts would cringe at the silver tarnish on the piece in this image, however I personally find silver tarnish can be a lovely patina; and of course, always easy to wipe away with a touch of silver cleaner. 


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