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Costume Breakdown:

The Witch

Some products listed in this article contain affiliate links, others are one of a kind, handmade (OOAK), items, or made by other eternal non-affiliated artists and/or brands. Links are provided whenever possible to assist readers in building their own costumes regardless of whether or not the creator is an affiliate. 

Believe it or not, this was my first “Halloween” specific photo collection release! 

While many of my costumes and shoot themes could be easily be classified as ‘Halloween-esk’ I believe that is more the result of how my personal aesthetic preferences tend to align with darker concepts.

While approaching creating a collection specifically for “Spooky Season”, I wanted to ensure I created something that still felt like “My style” rather than flowing to much into the ever popular range of “Camp” or “Cartoony Horror” also prevalent this time of year. 
To do this, I opted to keep my setup and the garb more within the spectrum of a “practical witchcraft” vibe; hence the simple dress and basic selection of useful magical goodies with small touches of flair.  

Element Breakdown

Huntress Maxi Chemise 

by Holy Clothing

This is actually the same style of base chemise used in my Saruman the Saucy costume. As soon as I saw Holy Clothing was now offering this dress in black, I ordered it immediately. 
The dress is very light, comfortable, and flowy. I loved the white version, but in black I feel like I could also use this dress as normal ‘everyday’ garb as well. 

Eva Belt 

by Holy Clothing

This waist cincher I actually ordered along with the black chemise specifically for this shoot; however I am far less impressed with this piece.  The size small was still a touch to large for a petite hourglass figure and as the cincher lacks any structural boning, it does not hold shape well at all. 

Twin Belt

by Epic Armoury

While I very much enjoy the style of this twin belt from Epic Armoury. If features some very creative detail stitching to secure the various sections of leather and it also has multiple D-rings for hanging your various tools and pouches from. However, it very oddly only comes in a single size of 120cm. So In order to wear it around the small of my waist as such, I had to cut one of the leather backing patches which holds the 2 belts together and punch some additional holes for the clasps.  While this was a very simple fix, I still find it odd to offer a belt in only one size. 

Gotland Crystal Lens Necklace

by Lykos Leather • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to shoot one of these decedent multi lens Gotland necklaces! They make such a powerful & queenly statement that flowed perfectly with this shoot. 
Up close you can see all the veins of the quarts crystals and the hand dropped silver dots framing them always make me think of Full Moons surrounded by silver stars.

While this piece was borrowed for a handful of recent photoshoots, I believe one day I may also deign a smaller one with LykosLeather for myself. 

Silver Norse Inspired Rings

by Lykos Leather • Use code “LEANAN” for a discount

These Gotland Crystal & Swedish replica silver rings added a great touch of detail for this witchy theme. I always thought of fantasy witches as having many rings; decadent like Queen Mab or Yennefer of Vengerberg. 

Raven Knife

by Grimfrost • Use this link for a discount at checkout

Grimfrost never ceases to impress me with the quality of their forged goods. I actually got this knife long ago as a gift for my husband yet it has made photoshoot appearances several times over the years due to its unique style. 
So far as fitting into the “Witchy” theme of this shoot; the blade in reality would make an excellent ritual athame with its carved raven hilt, heavy weight, and sharp sturdy edge. 

“Comfort Edit” Undergarments 

by La Senza

When selecting undergarments for this character I felt that this witch would seem more at home in something sleek, sophisticated, and comfortable rather than flashier more classically ‘witchy goth’ frilly bits.   
That being said, I’d dare say the Comfort Edit bra collection from LaSenza are the epitome of their namesake. I also really enjoy that this particular piece is a bit more of a “bralette” look rather than classic cups. 
The LaSenza seamless things are also my favorite for everyday wear. 

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